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    When your business needs a new interior coat of paint, it’s important to turn to a team you can trust. At My Property Pilot, we offer the best interior commercial painting in Orange County, and we’d love the chance to work with you on updating your building. We can sit down with you and discuss color options, along with the number of rooms or floors that need to be painted. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional painting and outstanding customer service so that your business looks absolutely amazing. Contact us today to get started!

    Free Color Consultation

    Whether you’ve owned your business for several years, or you’re just getting started, you likely have some ideas on what you want your interior paint color to be. For an older building that’s had the same color on the walls for a long time, it can be good to brighten things up with a bold color. For new construction, you can add different colors to each space or each floor, giving your building a unique look and a great ambiance.

    Our team can sit down with you for a free color consultation, where we’ll look at each option for your commercial space. You can bring ideas that you have, and we can recommend the best colors based on your building’s size and layout, along with your budget. Once everything is set, we’ll get to work on planning your interior painting project.

    Scheduling Your Commercial Painting

    We know that having a team of professional painters in your office space can disrupt the daily workflow of your employees, which is why we’ll work with you to schedule a block of time that fits your needs. We will work quickly and diligently to complete your painting project on time so your employees can get back to their routine.
    Spaces that are to be painted will also have to be cleared out, which can also cause some disruption, since people may have to move their workstations and wait for the paint to dry and the odor to dissipate before they move back in. We will work in a manner that makes the most sense for your commercial property, striving to create the least amount of disruption possible.

    A Fresh Coat of Paint

    A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a commercial space, whether it’s putting the same color on the walls or updating your building with new colors. Our team knows how to approach each space with skill and precision, and you can rest assured that your office, retail space, gym, or whatever type of business you own will look great once we’re done.

    We will apply the correct amount of coats, ensuring that no spot is missed and that each wall and ceiling is consistent. We take great pride in our work, and we want to make sure your space is completely painted before we fold up our ladders and rinse out our brushes.

    The Finishing Touches

    No detail is too small when it comes to interior commercial painting, and we can take care of every corner, trim piece, and other small element within your building. We have years of experience painting commercial spaces, and we can take on any challenge your building may present.

    Before we leave your business, we’ll do a thorough inspection to ensure that every inch that was to be painted has been covered. If we notice anything that doesn’t meet our level of quality or your level of satisfaction, we will take care of it right away. If you notice something a few weeks later that needs our attention, we’ll be there immediately to address it.

    If you’d like to schedule our team to paint your commercial building, please contact us today. We offer the best interior commercial painting in Long Beach and the surrounding area, and we’d love to work with you!

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